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Hydraulic Marine Services

Hydraulic Marine Services: –

  1. Cranes on Container Carriers, Bulk Carriers, Reefer Vessels, Oil Tankers, Offshore Support Vessels.
  2. Deck Machinery: Windlass, Mooring Winches, Capstans.
  3. Steering Gear System.
  4. Cargo Valve Systems of Various Types,
  5. Hydraulic Lift, Hydraulic Ramps, Roro Doors.
  6. Framo Cargo Systems for Tankers.
  7. Refurbishment and Renewal of Hydraulic Power Pack Unit and Cylinder.
  8. Supply and Installation of Load Monitoring Systems for Cranes.
  9. Oil Flushing of Hydraulic Pipes and Hoses.
  10. Supply & Fabrication of Hydraulic Hoses & Tubes.
  11. Manufacturing of Hydraulic Seals.


It is fundamental that working oil (hydraulic liquid) enclosed inside hydraulic systems frameworks is kept up in a perfect condition. Inability to do so will bring about poor working execution, segment disappointment and expanded upkeep.

Dirt is the most noticeably terrible foe of any hydraulic system the oil as well as the all-out condition wherein the framework is sited must be kept perfectly spotless. Water powered station rooms are not be utilized as capacity regions for different things which are not related with the plant.

Oil tests are to be sent for investigation at regular intervals or 500 running hours whichever is sooner. When in activity, the hydraulic plant is to be consistently checked for: